What to Expect

As of February 6th, we have a new home! The facility that we are renting is at 98 Rudder Rd, in the Sea Esta Motel complex in Long Neck, DE.

As we settle into our dedicated space, this page will be updated to provide more information.

Pre-Service Activities

Our service team arrives early so our doors are open at 9:30 a.m.
When you arrive, a volunteer greeter and/or usher will assist you as needed.

A table near the entrance holds our Guest Book and Prayer Request Box. The Guest Book is a great way to keep you informed of our activities. When you fill out a Prayer Request, Sandy prays over each one for thirty days, and also sends them to Unity Village where the Silent Unity Prayer Team also prays over your request.

Restrooms are located at the left side of the facility.

Name tags are available for visitors. The backside of each name tag contains the Unity Prayer for Protection. After the service you can take it with you, or leave it on our friendship boards for a future visit.

Throughout the morning, Unity materials are available at our information table. We have coloring books available for children or children may sit with their parents in the congregation.

(NOTE: We have no nursery services or separate youth program established at this time. However, Sandy shares a short children’s lesson when children are present.)

Service Format

Music will play in the sanctuary while people arrive and find their seats.

Our speaker or platform assistant will signal the service to start.

The service generally follows the outline below but we sometimes change it around:

  • Welcome Statements
  • Opening Prayer
  • Gathering Song
  • Daily Reading
  • Hugs & Handshakes
  • Lesson & Meditation
  • Conscious Giving
  • Blessing of Love Offering
  • Announcements
  • Peace Song & Prayer for Protection

After the Service

Fellowship is a wonderful opportunity to meet one another over a cup of tea, coffee or water. The time for fellowship will vary based on the service length but usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes.

During fellowship, please remember to check next week’s volunteer schedule to add your love to our team efforts.

Clean up is a team effort so no one person is overburdened.

Congregants have been known to continue fellowship at a local restaurant.