Our activities depend on having loving volunteers to serve!

Please explore our list below for any task that you can contribute to, either just one-time or as an ongoing commitment.


Welcome Organizer
Plan to arrive about 20 minutes early to set up Information Table, distribute introductory items in foyer with Prayer Request chest, business cards, blank nametags for new attendees. Place Prayer Request Box, nametags & other materials for easy access on arrivals. Ensure chairs are set up with songbooks, & any other handouts. Assure nametags are accessible.
After service, pack everything away & put into closet (including wall posters.)
(Early arrivals: please take flag from closet and post at driveway entrance.)
Greeter / Usher
(Need two people per service.) Greet all who enter (new and those who have been to Unity of RB before), encourage all to wear name tags. During service, pass Offering Baskets and then present to Platform Leader. (Necessary to stay on platform while song finishes & blessing is invoked for the offering.
Coffee Setup
Prepare hot & cold beverages plus condiments. Put out onto serving tables. After service is complete, bring out donations of food on the food table for Hospitality.
Cleanup Team
Cleanup – Clean Coffee Pots, clean service table, store supplies, list any refill items needed & with a list to Sandy. Ensure kitchen is left clean & trash removed. Check bathrooms & empty trash. Replace toilet paper or paper towels as needed. Use handheld or regular vacuum wherever needed.
Before locking door, adjust heat or air conditioning to original settings, turn off lights.
Bring refreshments (Doughnuts, Cookies, fruit etc.) for Hospitality Service. (Remember, First Sunday is Birthday celebration & cupcakes are appreciated.)
Bring Flowers for table behind podium (please remember to take them home after service.)
Platform Assistant
Set up candles & small table for Christ Candle. Open Service with greeting everyone, fill in the parts of the Service not performed by Service Leader/Speaker, read Daily Word or other Reading, lead recitation of affirmations, read announcements.
Music & Song Coordinator
Work with Service Leader to organize song selection, recorded music, and printed song sheets (if these are needed.)
Lead singing during service.
Sound System Setup
Assemble & set up speaker stands with speakers, as needed. Test all volume levels, assure microphones working properly, play music during service opening & meditation.
Disassemble & store (as needed) when service is complete.

We Love and Appreciate Every One of Our Volunteers!

Many thanks for sharing your time, talent and gifts!


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