Monthly Affirmations for 2017

As each month occurs, the monthly affirmations will be posted here with the newest month at the top for easy reference. Just click on the tabs for Inner Peace, Guidance, Healing, Prosperity and World Peace to see an affirmation.

December 2017 Affirmations

I am at peace–one with the Presence of pure being.

Divine light shines in and through me as a beacon of understanding.

I am the ever-renewing expression of Infinite Life.

My life is filled with an overflowing measure of God’s goodness.

I am one with God and all humanity in a universe of love and peace.

I am filled with life, sweet life.

November 2017 Affirmations

I center myself in the presence of infinite peace.

I follow my guidance with faith and gratitude.

I give thanks for the life of God within that heals and renews my body.

I am a steward of divine abundance. I give and receive with gratitude.

I follow Jesus’ example and express goodwill to all.

I release anything and everything that no longer serves my unfolding good.

October 2017 Affirmations

My heart is a sacred space of peace.

I easily and gracefully express my inner wisdom.

I relax into the infinite stream of divine life, and I am healed.

I am open and receptive to the rich ideas of Spirit.

Peace in the world begins with peace in my heart.

I enthusiastically accept my good and go forward to achieve my purpose.

September 2017 Affirmations

I relax in the peace of Spirit.

I walk a path of divine light and wisdom.

Divine life restores my body to its natural state of wellness.

I joyously anticipate new adventures in prosperous living.

I act with reverence for all and contribute peace to the world.

My life is balanced, organized and all is well.

August 2017 Affirmations

Peace dwells in the silence of my soul.

Open to divine direction, I am gently guided to my good.

The life of God flows through me as renewing engery.

I open my mind to divine ideas, and new avenues of supply are revealed.

I hold a vision of harmony and goodwill for the world.

I choose my good based on spiritual understanding.

July 2017 Affirmations

I draw peace and strength from my inner Source.

Divine light illumines my mind and guides my way.

God is my strength and vitality. I am renewed.

The infinite goodness of God flows to me and through me.

I am an ambassador of peace in the world.

My understanding of Truth deepens and directs my life.

June 2017 Affirmations

I attune to God at the center of my being, and I am serene.

The mind of God enlightens me. I am wise, courageous, and confident.

Every cell of my body is aglow with the light and life of God.

I give thanks to God as my source and supply.

I envision all people building a world of peace on a foundation of love.

I envision good unfolding in every area of my life.

May 2017 Affirmations

I am infused with the peace and strength of God.

God is my constant guide on my fulfilling journey through life.

I am a radiating center of divine life and energy.

The abundance of the universe flows to me. I accept it with joy and gratitude.

I hold a vision of peace and harmony for the world.

I have the power to create my world.

April 2017 Affirmations

I surrender to the Christ Presence within and find true peace.

Inner wisdom guides me to new ways of thinking and being.

My mind and body radiate the healing energy of Spirit.

My mind is a wellspring of prospering ideas.

Peace in the world begins with love in my heart.

I am a radiating center of love.

March 2017 Affirmations

I am present to this moment of peace and serenity.

Divine light guides my decisions.

I am the breath of Spirit, the expression of perfect life.

God is my substance and sustenance. I am prosperous.

My thoughts and actions contribute to a peaceful world.

I am guided by divine wisdom in every thought, word and action.

February 2017 Affirmations

My heart is a sanctuary of love and peace.

I listen for the guidance of Spirit, and I am gently guided to my good.

I am radiantly and vitally alive.

Attuned to divine ideas, I am abundantly prospered.

I express divine love and understanding to all.

Strength: I treat others as I would want to be treated.

January 2017 Affirmations

I connect with Spirit and peace fills my heart.

I am guided to new and fulfilling discoveries.

I live from the truth of my being. I am whole, strong, and well.

My positive thoughts attract abundant blessings.

I envision a world where peace resides in every heart.

Awakening: I behold my life in a brand new way.