Unity of Rehoboth Beach Calendar

First Sunday of Month

Every Sunday is a Friendship Sunday when we invite our friends to Unity.

However, the first Sunday of each month is also when we recognize everyone who has a birthday that month.

If you would like to bring cupcakes for a birthday celebration, please sign up at the info table after Sunday service. Thank You in Advance!

A Look Ahead:

Upcoming Events

August 5th: Our 4th Anniversary Celebration; Lesson: Sci Fy Series ‘The Tao of Star Trek’ by Sandy Souder. Our 4th Birthday Celebration will begin after Service August 5th.
Current plans have us at Sandy’s home, 32094 Robin Hoods Loop, Millsboro (Long Neck, really…just 5 minutes from Unity).
There is a sign up for pot luck items. We will provide sandwiches and cake!
Please bring chairs. We are asking for a few canopies to provide shade for us and cover for the food. There is shade but we expect more folks than the last party so we may run out of shade!
Music provided by Greg and Guy.
We will stay at Unity if the weather does not wish to celebrate with pleasant conditions that day.

August 7th: Free Financial Class by Diane Heydt (Budgeting and Money Management)
August 10th: Movie Night starts at 6:30pm
August 12th: Lesson: Sci Fy Series ‘The Prime Directive’ by Sandy Souder
August 19th: Lesson: Sci Fy Series ‘Yoda’ by Sandy Souder
August 26th: Lesson: Sci Fy Series ‘Star Trek More Than We Think’ by Sandy Souder, plus special music Janie & Jodie

September 2nd: Lesson: ‘Labor Day’ by Sandy Souder
September 9th: ‘World Day of Prayer’, Guest Speaker Ginny Roll

September 11th: Free Financial Class by Diane Heydt
(Understanding and Managing Your Credit: Strategies for getting out of Debt)

September 13th: Unity World Day of Prayer (Actual Date)
September 23rd: Lesson: ‘Fall Equinox’ by Sandy Souder

September 23rd-27th: Unity Eastern Region Conference in historic Charlottesville, Virginia
Marianne Williamson will be kicking-off the conference on Sunday Evening!
September 30th: Guest Speaker Sharon Bosquet

October 7th: Unity Basics Class (after Service, 3-4 hours). Please submit a Membership Application (see info table at our entrance) in advance so Sandy has an accurate head count.

October 9th: Free Financial Class by Diane Heydt (Couples and Money)

NEW 5 Week Class Starts in October:

“The I of the Storm” starts Thursday, October 4th at 6 PM, for 5 weeks. We will discuss this thought provoking book based on the Truth that ‘no one and nothing is against you.’ You may not believe this now, but until you realize that the Universe is FOR you, you may never experience wholeness and true worth.

In this class we will learn to go beyond merely managing the conflict in our lives to actually embracing the conflict, allowing it to teach us what we otherwise might not learn.

You will need the text book for this class, “The I of the Storm: Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace’ and “Day-by-Day Reconciliation” by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons, as reading ahead will be required.

This class may be taken for SEE credit or for your own spiritual awakening (or both really!). Please see Sandy if you are interested.

Community Outreach

Food Bank Donations
We are collecting non-perishable items for a local food bank. Please place your items in the container under the entrance table. This will be an on-going outreach activity.

Friday Lunch Time Chat with Sandy

FRIDAYS 11:30am to 12:30pm
Bring your lunch & chat with Sandy.
(Confirm before travel)

Monthly Drumming Circle

We will hold a monthly Drumming Circle after service, ~11:30am.
Scheduled for the first Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted.
(NO DRUMMING CIRCLE in JULY) Next one will be August 12th.

Monthly Healing Circles

The 2nd & 4th Sunday each month, join a Healing Circle after service, ~11:30am.
This activity is dependent on having healing energy folks available on that Sunday.
No cost involved for those interested in receiving and participating in this gift.
Please meet as announced after Sunday service.

Unity T-shirts

  • T-shirts: Our Unity of Rehoboth Beach T-shirts are available for $10 each.
  • Payment: cash or check
  • Colors: light blue with black letters
  • Get Your T-shirt at service while many sizes are still available!

Our Library

We now have a Library! There are some Unity books as well as some that are similar in thinking available for loan. Just like any library, borrow, and bring it back for the next person to enjoy.
ANY donations to the Library must be approved by Sandy. This will prevent people just dropping book off.

URB at Meetup.com

Let’s Get Together!

Need a Meeting Place?

If you are looking for a place to hold a meeting, class or workshop, consider Unity’s space! We have seating for 50 with kitchen available.

Help spread the word about our wonderful space to support our Unity Spiritual Center.

See Diane or Sandy at service, or Contact Us here.

Site Updates

Updates will occur weekly and monthly. Please forgive any hiccups you see, but if they seem to be long-lasting, please let us know here. Thanks!