Our Leadership

Unity of Rehoboth Beach was approved as an expansion ministry under the umbrella of Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM), a 501(c)3 nonprofit religious organization in 2014. Our leadership team consists of a spiritual leader and a Board of Directors.

Our Spiritual Leader, Sandy Souder, is the Licensed Unity Teacher who started this ministry. She organized initial resources and gave generously of her time, talent and treasures over the past few years by conducting classes and outreach. She found several like-minded people and formed the initial steering committee to help her establish a foundation for Sunday services.

The Board’s purpose is to facilitate the business of our nonprofit organization and grow our community towards full ministry status. Our first Sunday Service was held August 3, 2014.

Our current board -2-15-2020
Unity Spiritual Center’s Board of Directors:
Leroy White as President,
Dan Laughman as Vice President,
Laurie Nelson as Recording Secretary,
Andrea Evans as Treasurer,
Bronwen Hamilton as Member-at-Large.

Sandy Souder

Spiritual Leader and Licensed Unity Teacher

About Sandy Souder

Sandy is the inspirational leader of Unity of Rehoboth Beach in Sussex County, Delaware.

Sandy planted a seed many years ago and set out on a spiritual journey to become a licensed Unity teacher while working full-time as a Pennsylvania civil servant. Now, several years later that seed has sprouted and Unity of Rehoboth Beach turned five years old in August 2019.

So who is Sandy Souder and how did she get here?

Sandy Souder, Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT)

Sandy Souder, Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT), Spiritual Leader of Unity of Rehoboth Beach

By name, most people know me as Sandy, San, Sandy Souder. I’ve traveled life at various levels of consciousness. Fortunately, I have become more awakened. And it is my intention to keep at it, this lifetime and the next, and the next, and the next…You get the idea. I pray that I carry this level of consciousness to the next life so I can start where I left off instead of starting from zero!

I became a Licensed Unity Teacher for Unity Worldwide Ministries in May 2011. That came after a lot of class work, a lot of field work and a lot of soul searching. Much had to change from within for me to get to here. And much more is yet to be discovered.

What am I doing to grow and assist others? I work very hard to BE loving to all. To be compassionate. To be caring. To be patient (tough one for me!) I followed a calling and moved to the Rehoboth Beach area where I always felt that the energy would support a New Thought Ministry. So, here I am.

In January of 2013, I started classes to discuss ideas from a metaphysical point of view. We used the book, Discover the Power Within – A Guide to the Unexplored Depths Within by Eric Butterworth as a springboard to our discussions. Those classes are held on three different days, at three different times and three different places in an effort to accommodate as many people as possible who may be interested in this type of discussion.

While each class has been a success, we eventually released the Thursday morning class and am focusing on Tuesday afternoon and an evening class. The birth of Unity of Rehoboth beach came from those classes and climaxed at our first Sunday Celebration Service August 3, 2014.

There is much more to my ‘life’s’ story but the important thing here is how I came to be a part of Unity of Rehoboth Beach. I am sure as we get to know each other more, the ‘rest of the story’ will be told.

(Updates coming… Thanks for your patience!)
Unity of Rehoboth Beach is a Member of Unity Worldwide Ministries

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